Why does Kiyosaki love bitcoin more than gold and silver?


Renowned “Rich Dad Poor Dad” author Robert Kiyosaki revealed his preference for bitcoin (BTC) over gold and silver, despite investing in all three financial assets.

This decision is based on the inherent scarcity of bitcoina factor that makes it especially attractive to investors and financial educators, according to its message on social network X.

Kiyosaki acknowledged that he owns gold and silver mines and explained that while he loves investing in precious metals due to their tangible nature, he has a “problem” with their abundance. “The more prices rise, the more gold and silver are found,” he explains.

By contrast, bitcoin has a unique characteristic that distinguishes it from other assets: its limited supply. “No matter how high the price of bitcoin goes, there will only be 21 million. “That’s why I love bitcoin,” she says.

Publication by Robert Kiyosaki in X. Source: Robert Kiyosaki – X,

This number of bitcoins was defined since the creation of Bitcoin in 2008 and is scheduled to be issued until the year 2140. The rate of issuance of these new coins (supply expansion) began at 50 bitcoins created approximately every ten minutes.

The units issued are halved every four years in an event called halving; For example, since 2020, 6.25 BTC have been regularly issued every 10 minutes and from April 2024, 3,125 new BTC will be issued.

This controlled issuance system guarantees that the supply of bitcoin is not affected by demand or the decisions of any politician (unlike fiat money), which contributes to its scarcity and sustained valuation over time.

Kiyosaki sees in bitcoin a way to protect himself against what he considers an imminent collapse of the financial system traditional.

Last week, the investor warned that the US debt is 34 trillion (trillions, in English) of dollars. The debt increases by $1 trillion every 90 days, he said. In his opinion, “the United States is sick,” as reported by CriptoNoticias.

This is why Kiyosaki advocates the acquisition of assets such as gold, silver and, especially, bitcoin, as a protection and wealth growth strategy.

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