The second Ordinals ever created was sold for a record price


In the early hours of this Wednesday, February 28 (UTC time), a historic milestone occurred for the Ordinals protocol. The second inscription ever created was sold at a historic price of no less than 24.48 bitcoins (BTC), equivalent to USD 1.4 million.

Naturally, The inscription in question bears the number 2, since it was the second created in Ordinalsa protocol that allows the registration of arbitrary data in Bitcoin for the creation of fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFT).

The digital element is called “Bitcoin Budgie” and shows, in gif format, the animation of a parrot that changes color as it moves. The NFT was created on December 19, 2022, in Bitcoin block 768094. To register the file, which weighs 9.37 kb, 2,479 satoshis (sats, minimum unit of bitcoin) were paid, equivalent to USD 1.47 at the closing of this note.

The transaction through which the sale was completed has the identifier 943b5fbc83fbafe756a6d3e4ef915d3dec1c177d19cfb2c0be6a4125c546f42. A rate of 17 sats/vB was paid in fees, leading to a total payment of 10,812 sats ($6.19) in commissions. Unintentionally, the transaction highlights one of the great virtues of Bitcoin: an asset valued in millions was exchanged with a single-figure commission (measured in dollars).

Developer Leonidas shared the historic sale in a post on X. Source: X @LeonidasNFT.

New Owner Address Holds Wide Variety of Ordinals NFTs, so possibly it is a collector. As told in CriptoNoticias, Ordinals are classified by rarity and this factor strongly influences their value. With this criterion, the first sats mined after a difficulty adjustment or after a halving, among other even more exotic ones, gain special importance. The new owner of Ordinals #2 does not have any sats considered rare.

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