The most profitable AI trading bot strategies from Binance, OKX, Bybit…

Key facts:
  • The trading bots to be copied can be customized according to your own taste.

  • In trading, past successful strategies do not guarantee future success.

Grid trading uses an algorithmic strategy that automates the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies in spot or futures markets. It is designed to design and insert orders at predefined intervals within the market.

Trading bots or grids are useful automatic trading tools for the investor, especially for the busy and the one who manages multiple positions and assets simultaneously. Generally, these grids can be copied and deployed with just one click and adding a few configurations.

Most major exchanges, such as Binance, OKX, KuCoin and Bybit have their own AI trading bots marketplace. Most of them are classified by type or market, sector, ROI, execution time, minimum investment to use it or number of people who copy it.

In this article, we are interested in the AI ​​trading bots with the highest profitability available on the main cryptocurrency exchanges, which is why we leave you a list of the strategies with a good profit and loss ratio (PnL) and return on investment (ROI). . But remember: the fact that before writing these strategies worked at a given time does not imply that they will work from now on, nor that those presented are the best strategies available.

The PnL indicates the profits in dollars that the creator of the strategy obtained with it, and the ROI, the percentage of profits obtained from the initial investment. The execution time indicates how long the strategy has been open. Keep in mind that the metrics of each strategy and even the profits obtained from them can change radically depending on market conditions, which you should consider before copying them.


On Binance, there are only two types of AI trading grids: spot and futures. The list of grids available to copy are made up of strategies which Binance users agree to share in the leaderboard. The leaderboard is updated every hour with new strategies. These AI trading strategies are shared by default, although each user can decide not to make them public.

In spot trading (spot) from the Binance marketplace bot, one of the most profitable trading strategies according to PnL is represented by a trading pair with the PEPE cryptocurrency and the Tether stablecoin.


PNL: USD 192,946.24.

ROI: 19.44%

Copiers: 267

Execution time: 7 days.

Minimum investment: 217.77

Pepe is one of the most popular Solana memecoins. Source: Binance

Other spot strategies on Binance deserve to be highlighted for their PnL performance. For example, one with the PORTAL/USDT pair, whose PnL is USD 12,653 at the time of writing, or another with the ID/USDT pair, with a PNL greater than USD 11,000 although an ROI of only 6.26%. A high PnL with a low ROI means that the trader who shared the strategy is high net worth.

Ranked by ROI, one of the best AI grid strategies on Binance spot trades the ID/TUSD pair.


PNL: US$68

ROI: 78%

Copiers: 213

Execution time: 6 days.

Minimum investment: US$35.49

ROI is usually a more reliable indicator of profitability than NLP. Source: Binance

In futures on the Binance bot marketplace, one of the most profitable trading strategies according to ROI uses the WLDUSDT pair, over 500%. It has about 1,500 copiers and a minimum investment of almost USD 30.

When copying a strategy, make sure you can cover the minimum amount to use it. Source: Binance


On OKX, the grid marketplace has an interface similar to that of Binance, but has a wider range of bots and possibly more participants of market. On this exchange, copiers must pay bot strategy providers a ratio of the total percentage of profits.

In spot trading (spot), one of the most profitable trading strategies with trading bots on OKX is measured in percentage of PnL. This is represented by a trading pair that also includes the PEPE cryptocurrency and the Tether stablecoin, USDT.

PNL: 597%

Copiers: 365

Execution time: 104 days.

Minimum investment: USD 174

Maximum reduction: 48%

Returns greater than 500% usually indicate long-term strategies. Source: OKX

Other strategies with AI bots from OKX deserve mention. For example, one in the POLYDOGE/USDT pair, with a PnL greater than 480% and a maximum reduction of 32.93%.

In OKX futures bots, one of the most profitable trading strategies according to %PnL uses the ORDIUSDT pair, with over 12,000% and almost 2000 subscribers.

OKX has a variety of trading bots. Source: OKX


Bybit’s works similar to Binance’s marketplace, which discriminates PnL and ROI as different metrics. It has three types of trading bots: futures grid, futures martingale and spot grid. Copy grid strategies in Bybit It’s freeunlike in OKX.

The most winning strategy in grid spot in Bybit has as its protagonists one with the SOL/USDT pair.


PNL: US$43

ROI: 857%

Copiers: 1240

Execution time: 328 days.

Minimum investment: US$5.38

Solana is one of the top 10 most profitable cryptocurrencies this year. Source: OKX

The following strategies in the spot grid ranking have some similar performances in terms of ROI, exceeding 800% and with execution times greater than 300 days. This means that these returns have been achieved with positions that have lasted open almost an entire year, when the market came out of its lows.

As far as Bybit futures grids are concerned, the most profitable strategy of all involves the BTC/USDT pair. It has so far had an ROI of over 4,000% and has been open for more than 200 days. About 1,000 people are copying this strategy at the time of writing.

Source: OKX


The KuCoin trading bot grid works within a traditional trading window, so its ranking varies and its returns It is observed in the smallest temporalities of a day and a week. This exchange has spot grids, futures, infinite grid, and that apply strategies such as the martingale, which consists of doubling the initial investment when a price falls, or DCA to average the purchase price.

In KuCoin spot, the most profitable AI trading strategy involves the VCORE/USDT pair.


ROI in 7 days: 375%

Copiers: Not specified

Execution time: 267 days.

Minimum investment: US$84

KuCoin ranks the profitability of its strategies on a daily and weekly basis. Source: KuCoin

The most profitable spot strategies that follow this one have the same cryptocurrency as the protagonist, and exceed returns of 80%, although some with radically longer execution times.

As far as KuCoin futures grids are concerned, the best 7-day profitability is represented by a shorts carried out with the TAO/USDT cryptocurrency pairs, with an ROI greater than 200%.

When using these automated trading tools, it is advisable to take advantage of the customization features offered by these platforms. This is because, although winning strategies are winning because they work, they do not always work for all types of portfolios or all types of traders. The strategies presented here are not necessarily the best or most suitable for you, as these marketplaces are constantly changing and some strategies quickly surpass others. The final objective of this list of trading strategies is for you to know that you can have automatic trading tools at hand that, although they do not guarantee profits, can optimize your performance in the market if you make good use of them.

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