Judge rules that Craig Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto


Craig Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto, he is not the author of the Bitcoin White Paper, nor the creator of Bitcoin, nor its software. This was ruled by the judge in the COPA vs. case. Wright.

On the final day of the litigation, which lasted more than a month, Judge James Mellor reported that, following the parties’ final arguments, he believes there is “overwhelming evidence” that Wright is not even close to the creator of Bitcoin.

With his words, Judge Mellor is putting an end to the case that began in January of this year, when lawyers from the Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA) took Wright to court to demonstrate that he was not the idealist behind the market’s pioneering digital asset.

So far, Wright has not commented on Judge Mellor’s decision, which will be published once finish writing the “extensive ruling” about the litigation, as expressed by the magistrate.

COPA, which encompasses Bitcoin advocates, indicated before Judge Mellor’s comments that there are 12 reasons that demonstrate that Craig Wright is not the creator of the protocol. Among those, the contradictions and falsehoods expressed by the Australian businessman during the judge.

The alliance said earlier this week that it planned to go to the UK Public Prosecutor’s Office to sue Wright for having committed perjury and perverting justice during the litigation. Crimes that could cost several years in prison to the – already proven – false Satoshi Nakamoto.

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