FixedFloat suffers another hack in less than 2 months


Key facts:
  • Hackers stole company funds, this time.

  • Cybercriminals exploited a vulnerability in a third-party service.

Cryptocurrency exchange site FixedFloat suffered a hack this week, resulting in the theft of company funds. This is a second attack committed by the group of hackers that stole them less than two months ago.

In a statement published in X this Tuesday, April 2, the company reported that yesterday were attacked by the hackers behind the February 16 exploit. He told FixedFloat: “(they used) various methods to try to hack our service again.”

According to the exchange, although they were able to repel some attacks, the hackers exploited a vulnerability in a third-party service they use, resulting in financial losses. “which only affected” the FixedFloat service.

They clarify that the hackers stole “funds to guarantee the liquidity of the service.” That is, the company’s funds. This means that the money of the users of the exchange site he was not compromised this time.

“We are currently in the process of an active investigation. Details of the incident cannot yet be released due to the ongoing investigation.”

FixedFloat, cryptocurrency exchange site.

Due to the new hack, the FixedFloat website is under maintenance. The company says that There is no estimated time for service restoration due to the technical work they are doing.

“Our technical specialists are making a huge effort to restore the system as soon as possible,” the exchange said in a message published on the official Telegram channel.

The new attack against FixedFloat was carried out less than two months after the same group of hackers managed to steal more than 400 bitcoin (BTC) and thousands of ether (ETH) from that exchange.

As reported by CriptoNoticias, the loss was valued at around USD 26 million in those assets. The company notified this medium that it “had payment obligations” with approximately 30 users.

They also commented that they were privately considering compensation for those orders for which obligations were not met “due to the situation.”

Community divides over FixedFloat

The new hack of this cryptocurrency exchange platform caused a division in the user community. In X, many expressed their support and endorsement of the site, and even rated it of being “the best exchange”.

However, on the Telegram channel the story is different. User Fred Mcgee reacted against the exchange and stated that it was a “pathetic service.”

He said that when the February hack occurred, FixedFloat recommended him Contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

“I paid for a lawyer. There was no request from any authority. They didn’t even respond and now they told me that I need to recover the coins directly from the FBI,” he noted.

Another user, a member of the FixedFloat community on Telegram, stated that he will not use that service again. “If I had decent capital I would start my own exchange without all this pointless nonsense,” he noted.

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