Elon Musk shares concern about a famous “cryptocurrency”


Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and owner of the To do this, he uses a tweet that could easily be interpreted as a dig at the president of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Gary Gensler.

“These fraudulent currencies are going crazy. “Someone just tricked me,” writes user joinryce, whose concern is shared by Musk. in full bull run of bitcoin (BTC) and altcoinswhich are seasons in which scams tend to increase.

Then, several elements are added to the message or red flag (red flags) to alert you about the currency you consider fraudulent. In fact, it lists five key aspects, which are enough to determine that a project is misleading.

Based on the red flag specified, apparently the user of X would be facing a pyramid scheme in which he would have fallen into without knowing it. He found out later when he realized that the project has 27 billion coins in circulation. It does not have a supply limit established, but is issued unlimitedly.

In accordance with what was shared According to Musk, the project has a single node, which is a sign of a high level of centralization.

In addition to this, 25% of its supply was issued in the last six months, while 1% of coin owners own 30% of the total supply.

Then, the message ends with a “Jk”, an acronym for Just Kidding, which in Spanish means “I was joking.” And then he adds that The currency he was referring to was none other than “the US dollar.”

A message from Musk to Gary Gensler?

The message shared by Musk reminds us that Gary Gensler usually questions the bitcoin industry, classifying it as fraudulent. “I have been in the financial world for 44 years. I have never seen an area so riddled with abuse. It is terrifying,” said the president of the SEC in September of last year, as reported by CriptoNoticias.

That’s why now, the billionaire seems to be playing Gensler’s game, but this time sharing a message that questions the dollar and the financial monopoly that the States defend and their central banks. They point to these traditional finances as stable, although they have nothing of it. It becomes clear when you view America’s growing multi-billion dollar debt, which is the result of simple calculations: every year there is a mismatch between spending and income.

It is one of the five economies considered the most solid on the planet (the others are Switzerland, Europe, the United Kingdom and Japan), whose monetary base is eroding the purchasing power of a high percentage of the population of the world through inflation

And in the face of inflation and the slowdown in global economic growth, the best alternative is bitcoin, at least that is how Robert Kiyosaki, other businessmen and analysts, who They see bitcoin as the best store of value to face what is coming. This, they say, is the end of the dollar as a global reserve asset. Something that Elon Musk would agree with, although he is warning him taking advantage of a message from another person and that he clarifies, is nothing more than a joke.

Update 5:30 pm. This note was modified to clarify that Elon Musk only shares a message in which the US dollar is questioned.

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