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Bukele takes office again as president, surrounded by bitcoiners



Key facts:
  • In this new mandate, Bukele has reaffirmed his commitment to Bitcoin.

  • Several personalities from the bitcoin world gathered at the swearing-in.

Nayik Bukele was sworn in this June 1 for his second term as president of El Salvador. Thus, he becomes official as the first president in the history of the country who will govern for a second consecutive term.

The formal event was accompanied by bitcoiner personalities such as Cathie Wood, CEO of Ark Invest; Jack Mallers, CEO and founder of Zap Solutions, the company behind Strike; just like Max Keizer, Stacy Herbert and many other bitcoiners who have closely followed Salvadoran politics focused on Bitcoin.

He was also accompanied by political figures such as the Argentine president, Javier Milei or the King of Spain Felipe VI, among others.

On the right, Jack Mallers, on the left Max Keizer, in the middle Dr. Jack Kruse. Source: @stacyherbert / x.com.

His inauguration speech began with “I love you very much” from his little daughter, Layla Bukele. In his first public address as re-elected president He said that all countries in the world recognize this new government “despite the opinions of some opponents.”

Pierre Rochard, vice president of research at Riot Platforms. Source: @BitcoinPierre / x.com

President Bukele mentioned that for the first time “they conquered fear and are a truly free country (…) freedom is something we all long for.”

Lina Seiche, illustrator creator of The Little Hodler. Source: @LinaSeiche / x.com.

Bukele recalled that on May 1, 2023, El Salvador was already the safest country in all of Latin America, and that just one year later, on May 1, 2024, it became the safest country in the Western Hemisphere. This in the middle of his speech where he remembered the aggressive policies that helped remove gangs from the streets.

The president commented that now the objective in this new mandate is to “heal and fix the economy.” This being his priority to improve the stability of his country. This within the context that Bitcoin plays a fundamental role within the Salvadoran economy.

Bitcoin, out of his speech but present in his new mandate

It should be noted that, although he did not mention Bitcoin in his investiture speech, the presence of bitcoiners as special guests at the ceremony reflects what Bukele himself has previously stated: Bitcoin is here to stay in El Salvador.

The objective, in economic terms, has been clear from the president: change for the better. The presence of bitcoiners may be a sample of what to expect from Bitcoin in El Salvador.

It is worth remembering that one of the campaign promises that still remains to be fulfilled is the creation of Bitcoin City, a 100% bitcoiner city whose development has been delayed.

Another relevant fact is that in recent days officials from El Salvador were received in Argentina, in which the advances that the Central American nation has had with Bitcoin were highlighted. This is according to CriptoNoticias.