Bukele reveals El Salvador address with thousands of bitcoin and donations are pouring in


Key facts:
  • The revealed address holds twice as much bitcoin as many estimated.

  • Since the revelation, the El Salvador wallet has not stopped receiving donations.

The president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, has just revealed through his X account (former Twitter) the address of a Bitcoin wallet in which they are hosted 5,600 bitcoin belonging to the Central American nation. The data comes after years of speculation about the so far alleged bitcoin holdings acquired by the president.

«We have decided to transfer a large portion of our #Bitcoin to a cold wallet and store that cold wallet in a physical vault within our national territory. You can call it our first #Bitcoin piggy bank 🇸🇻” he said Bukele via Xand added jokingly “It’s not much, but it’s honest work 😂”

The El Salvador address received the bitcoins in several transactions, starting on March 12 with 1,120 BTC, then 0.999 BTC; 9,999 BTC; 49,999 BTC, 499.99 BTC and finally 4,007.69 BTC today, March 14. Which adds up to a total of 5,689,685 BTC in the hands of the Salvadoran state, within a hardware wallet and in its national territory.

As bitcoiner enthusiasm could not be lacking, after President Bukele’s announcement donations began to arrive and continue to arrive to the indicated wallet. At the time of writing this note, 20 donations for amounts ranging between 800 satoshis and 0.001 BTC have been received and confirmed at the El Salvador address.

Until this moment, it was believed that El Salvador possessed 2,864 BTC, according to one of the most accurate estimates, shown by the Nayib Tracker site. These estimates came from public announcements also made in

However, as Bukele indicated a few days ago, this estimate was missing bitcoin income for various reasons. As reported by Criptonoticias, these were due to income from the freedom visa program, from the provision of exchange services between USD and BTC for local businesses, as well as from government services charged in bitcoin and generation of coins through mining. direct.

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