Binance brings new and simple airdrop to its web3 wallet

Binance brings a simple airdrop with which it will distribute USD 85,000 in Radiant Capital tokens (RDNT). To qualify, simply complete two simple missions that involve using the Binance web3 wallet. The activity will be until March 25, 2024.

There are two missions to complete on Binance to qualify for the airdrop. The first of them is exchange any token for at least $5 RDNT on Binance Web3 Wallet. Users who complete this first mission will share $34,000 in RDNT tokens.

Radiant Capital is a dynamic liquidity platform. Source: Radiant Capital

To complete this mission, the user will be able to send cryptocurrencies from their personal wallet to their Binance wallet address. The easiest way to complete it, however, is by performing an internal transfer in the Binance account from the funds wallet to the web3 walletwhich is allowed by an exchange window within the latter.

To carry out the transaction, it is necessary to send to the Binance wallet not only the cryptocurrency that you want to exchange for the RNDT tokens, but also a fraction of the utility token of the network where you will make the exchange. to pay commissions. If you use the BNB Smart Chain, the BNB token; Yes Polygon, a dollar in MATIC will be enough; if Ethereum, enough in cryptocurrency ether (ETH), and so on for each network.

In order to facilitate the processes, it is useful to temporarily disable the “only withdraw to whitelisted addresses” function if you have it activated on Binance.

Swapping is easy and requires having the main currency of the network where this is done. Source: Binance

The second mission is deposit at least $20 in USDT, USDC, BNB, ETH or BTCB into a Radiant Capital liquidity pool via BNB Smart Chain. Those who complete it will share $51,000, also in Radiant Capital tokens.

This action on Radiant Capital, a multi-chain protocol that allows you to obtain annual returns (APR), involves connecting to the Radiant Capital decentralized application (dApp) through the “discover” section of the Binance wallet.

Currently, users who use this Radiant Capital passive income feature will be able to receive bonuses in crypto assets such as bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH) in addition to rewards in the RDNT token.

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