What does it take to receive the Ordinals Runestone airdrop?


Key facts:
  • 112,383 addresses will be selected to receive Runestone tokens.

  • A special NFT is auctioned with a minimum price of 4.1 BTC.

The Ordinals protocol has enabled uncommon practices in Bitcoin, such as creating token collections and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) natively. Another example is airdrops, much more frequent in networks compatible with Ethereum, but which will soon have a reversal in the network created by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Precisely, It will be the Runestone project that will distribute tokens for free (what is usually called an airdrop in the jargon) to 112,383 addresses. Of course, the distribution will not be random, but certain requirements must be met, which must be met up to block 826,000 of Bitcoin.

One of the first requirements to receive the Runestone airdrop is have at least 3 Ordinals registrations in a Bitcoin address. In Ordinals, inscriptions are records of data in Bitcoin that include text files, images, videos, and other formats.

Precisely the registration format is decisive to comply with the second requirement. In this sense, it is clarified that Entries with file types starting with “text/plain” or “application/json” will not be considered for airdrop eligibility.. Text is a majority group among registrations, with 93% of registrations (57 million) belonging to this category. But for the Runestone airdrop, image, audio and video submissions will be prioritized.

Finally, the third point is not a requirement, but rather a clarification. It is explained that cursed inscriptions or cursed inscriptions as long as they are indexed by the Ordinals protocol. These types of inscriptions contain formatting errors that initially excluded them from indexing, although a way was later found to keep track of them anyway. That is why they are also called “negative inscriptions.”

To check whether you meet these requirements, Runestone offers verification tool through OKX exchangeone of the most involved in the Ordinals market since its launch in 2023.

Runestone and a special auction

Beyond the airdrop, Runestone carries out this Friday, March 8, the auction of an NFT called The Runestone. This is the largest registration in history and serves as a reference to which the 112,383 Runestone tokens that will be distributed to users will be pointed.

Runestone NFT Auction.
The Runestone auction will end in 3 hours at the time of writing. Source: Ord.city.

As reported in CriptoNoticias, the proceeds from the auction will be used to cover the commissions that must be paid for the airdrop. At the time of writing, the auction has a minimum price of 4.1 BTC; The figure is equivalent to USD 277,358. Apparently, it will be enough and left over to pay the commissions…

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