A second layer of Ethereum stopped by Dencun


Key facts:
  • Project developers have already solved the problem.

  • Although still in development, Blast is the third L2 with the most funds locked.

Just a few minutes before the Dencun update was activated on Ethereum, one of the second layers (L2) of the network had technical problems. This is Blast, which spent about 40 minutes without processing new blocks.

«The Blast mainnet stopped producing blocks due to issues related to Ethereum’s Dencun upgrade. “Engineers are working to fix it,” wrote the development team of the second layer network in the social network

Shortly after that initial message, confirmed that Blast is now active again. The problem has been resolved and a more detailed report will be shared in the coming hours, they reported.

Blast is a second layer network that, like others of its type such as Arbitrum and Optimism, focuses on low-cost transaction processing. According to data from the l2beat site, It is the third L2 in total value locked (TVL), with more than USD 2.91 billion deposited. It is equivalent to a 7% market share among all L2s.

Explorer Blast Arrest.
Blast’s block explorer shows the halt in network activity. Source: Voyager.

It should be noted that, Despite its significant amount of funding in TVL, Blast is still a rollup in development, with very low activity in its protocol (less than 3 transactions per second, compared to Ethereum’s 14 TPS). In this sense, l2beat points out some warnings, such as the level of centralization of the project and the power that its development team has over the network, as well as the possibilities of censorship and manipulation that this model allows.

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